Absolutely! We only use pure natural and wholesome ingredients.

Incognito? Undercover? In your pajamas or on your 15 minute break? Place your order by phone and we will hand deliver to your car!

Yes! We can accommodate all of your party and private event needs. We even make custom flavors and packaging for your party.

Yes, there are perishable ingredients in the cookie dough that should be kept cold.

All of our cookie dough batters are nut free, however we do offer nuts as toppings and in some of our flavors.

Yes, we offer a plain gluten free cookie dough and let you choose your own toppings. There are endless possibilities!

Yes, You won’t be able to tell this dough-licious dough is sugar free.

We offer a completely vegan cookie dough base and let you choose your toppings.

We have fresh brewed organic coffee, icy cold milk, almond milk, rice milk, a variety of soft drinks and home made hot cocoa.

Yes we agree, we went all out! We use only the best, a European heavy whipped cream machine. All of our whipped cream is made fresh daily.

Yes! We have an entire wall dedicated to candy and toppings. If you want to make your own flavor, grab a goody bag when you come into the store and fill it with whatever candy you want. We’ll mix it into our plain or flavored cookie dough for you.